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Irondom protects websites from intimidation and bullying on the internet. It help filter traffic, suppress DDOS and identify terrorist organization traffic.

Let register your website with us to have the infinitive shield for free!

Combat Bad BOTs and Harmful Crawlers!

The daily traffic via us is around 20,000,000 million, we are able to classify bots and crawlers as harmful for most types of websites.

BOTs and crawlers that are harmful to the website are the companies that access your website data every day, then they commercialize this analytical data and publicly sell it without the consent of the website owner. And of course, terrorist organizations also use these tools to harass websites.

As long as they are on our list, you are protected from this intrusion. We still encourage website owners to keep the robots.txt file configuration intact without having to declare to block BOT access, and leave them to us.

By putting these bad BOTs into automatic combat mode, we do not block them at the firewall level, We use logic algorithms to make them have to work with bunche of dummy task each time they visit your website and finally of the process we thrown to them the heavy confounding information and make sure that it should affects their general report in the seriously.

Typical bad crawlers like "Ahref" because of the daily maintenance and data tracking in manually so that they can realize and get out of your website ASAP they realize they are eat noise data.

However with automation spam crawlers like "semrush" we will give them an endless loop because they are not capable of analyzing noisy data. They are a lake that swallows data and changes IPs constantly. We do not allow them to rest by making them swallow garbage every day. And the more IP contributions from them, the more likely they are going to be globally restricted. "bulkaddurl" is one of sample for them.

In addition, there are more than 100 bad bots that we are going to fight every day but they are all weak and easy to give up because the system has few users so they will easily realize and withdraw from the protected website.

We do all of the above without affecting the website ranking or site performance. Peace for your website - endless geometry for bad bots!

All good BOTs and Crawlers are facilitated and never touched by us such as: Google Bot (All Models), Bing Search Microsoft, Facebook Crawler, Apple, Twitter Crawler, Petal Search (Huawei China), Yandexbot (Russia) and 30 other small search engine bots from Asia.